Information About Switzerland 's Solar Energy Demand Essay

Information About Switzerland 's Solar Energy Demand Essay

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This research paper gives the information about Switzerland’s solar energy demand by using background information about the renewable energy usage. By estimating the data from regression, paper provides Swiss renewable energy production from hydro power and solar, policy for renewables, price of solar thermal energy and income per capita for Switzerland.
II. Introduction
Energy is one of the most important thing in our lives especially for heating and cooling homes, driving cars, making phone calls and so on. With the development of the Energy Industry, now people can choose their energy resources based on different kinds of energy resources. For example, in Europe, many people can choose whether using cars which can be driven with electricity or the cars which is driven by gasoline. Today, it is very important for many countries to produce less carbon emission and to have less footprint. Not only due to the global warming but also providing clean environment for the future generations. Also, it is very important to have unsustainable energy for most of the countries. I am writing a paper for Switzerland’s energy demand for solar power. For providing a regression, one should provide background information for the country. Moreover, for the Switzerland, energy industry has been changed its cliché oil base structure because of its energy goal of 2050(SFOE, 2015). The goal is about reducing the nuclear energy and replacing it by generating other renewable energy resources.

This research is represented the necessity of solar energy demand in Switzerland. The paper will examine the topic under the fallowing subtitles; introduction, literature review and the data study part with linear regression. The renewables are the ones that ve...

... middle of paper ...

... costs about financial aspects, extensiveness of the WWS in Part II. The paper also evaluate that 3,800,000 5 MW wind turbines, 49,000 300 MW concentrated solar, 40,00 300 MW solar PV power plants, 40,000 300 MW solar PV power plants, 1.7 billion 3 kW rooftop PV systems, 5350 100 MW geothermal power plants, 270 new 1300 MW hydroelectric power plants, 720,000 0.75 MW wave devices, and 490,000 1 MW tidal turbines could power 2030 water, wind and solar which utilizes electricity. Moreover, it states that kind of WWS systems will diminish power demand of whole World by covering 0.41% and 59% place on earth. The idea not only reduces footprint but also helps replace the other energy resources by 2050. The paper states that the pla can be happened with the technically and financially, on the other hand, the problems will be happened due to the political and social aspects.

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