Essay on The Influence of the Supernatureal in Shakespeare's Macbeth

Essay on The Influence of the Supernatureal in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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The legendary plot of Macbeth, like those of many Shakespearean plays, relies heavily on the influence of the supernatural. The play itself reflects on the dark inane tendencies of humans to be evil, especially when faced with a thirst for power. Throughout its course, the reader is able to witness a man’s transformation from a brave soldier to a murdering madman. Without the impact of certain apparitions, hallucinations, and three bearded witches, the events of the story would not have unfolded as they did. The root evil is first planted in the minds of two ambitious people, creating in their minds a projection of how things will turn out. Unbeknownst to our two leading lunatics, the eventual outcome of the play will not be the scenario drawn up in their twisted minds.
Macbeth’s heroic deeds at the beginning of the play soon seem insignificant next to the primary event in the Act: the revelation of the witches’ prophecy. Their insightful proclamation that he will be king someday is both shocking and pleasing to Macbeth. Without this occurrence, this play might not have traveled a road of ambition and death, but instead one of calm acceptance and enjoyment of an already-elegant lifestyle. The seeds of desire were here planted, however, eliciting what became a bloody ordeal. The spark ignited, and a plan began to take shape.
Upon his return home, Macbeth and his Lady decided upon a course of action that was dastardly and by no means legitimate. The terrible twosome prepared to assassinate their good King Duncan, in order to clear the way for Macbeth to take the throne. On his way to Duncan’s chambers, Macbeth is visited by a hallucination of a bloody dagger, floating in the air before his eyes. This leaves him shaken, questioni...

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... measure of happiness, of the contentment in one’s life. The only way to achieve happiness is to stop wanting more, and be truly happy with what you have. This relates strongly to the play; if Macbeth had been comfortable in his position and did not feel the need to achieve something out of reach, he could have remained peaceful. In fictional plays and novels across the centuries, it has been recognized that it is always best to not know what the future holds. Characters try to affect their future in a certain way, making it even worse. Ambition and an unhealthy drive for power, fed by the evil aspects of human character (represented by the three witches), creates nothing but bad outcomes. Macbeth and his Lady’s projected hope for the future might have become a reality, had they simply suppressed their ambition and waited until a peaceful arrangement could be made.

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