Essay on Influence Of A Teacher On The Improvement Of Public Health

Essay on Influence Of A Teacher On The Improvement Of Public Health

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This report looks at the influences a teacher can make in the improvement of public health.


Public health can be defined as the science concerned with the protection and improvement of health and well being of people. It deals with the monitoring of health status of a population at risk and also conducts various health interventions to prevent diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Public health mobilizes the professionals from different healthcare and non-healthcare disciplines like doctors, nurses, lawyers, sociologists, cleaners, teachers, dentists, nutritionists, biologists, engineers and many others. Among them, teachers play an important role in empowering students with knowledge about their health and lifestyles.

Teachers are the most important figure in the lives of school children when it comes to adopting healthy behavior that can have lifelong effects. Children are exposed to various health themes in school such as nutrition, physical growth and development, reproduction, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, health and safety and much more. The goal of this education is to increase child 's health knowledge and to create positive attitudes towards their own well-being.

"Teachers play a decisive role in forming citizens who will both use and help shape a more just, effective and economical healthcare system", says Martha Gaines (N.D.)

Two separate researches were conducted to study how a teacher and their relationships with students can influence the knowledge and health behaviour of students. The result suggested that students learn valuable information about health from their teachers.


The first survey was conducted by researchers at Colu...

... middle of paper ...

...a temporary educator.

Students were assessed prior to beginning the course and after three to four weeks after completion about their experience. They were asked how they think about having sex and condom use, their goals and expectations toward the class, if they valued class material, and if they felt their health teachers were convincing.

The regular classroom teachers had the positive results as compared to the temporary ones. Students said that they felt more comfortable with their regular classroom teachers. Instead of simply listening to the lecture on sex education they were motivated to pay attention and valued the course materials..

From the above two research it is clear that teachers serve as the educational leaders who interact with students and other teachers affecting the lives of students daily therefore creating a healthier community.

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