Essay about Industrial Americ The Great Things Last Forever

Essay about Industrial Americ The Great Things Last Forever

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From 1940s to the 1960s, industrial America was at its best game from the fact that union works were being paid more than a college professor. Industrial America paved the way for the middle class to become of existence; people now had a future and a plan for retirement, Sadly, not all great things last forever, and what lead to the fall of Industrial America? Japanese automakers, too much power given to the unions, and over consumption with governmental policies are the primary reasons that companies decided to change and replace factories and locations.
“Non-North American Cars Will be Towed at Owner’s Expense.” In the 1950s, Japanese automakers were pushing past old, distraught, and financially draining American car manufactures by cutting costs in every form. The quote above was by the United Automobile Workers, and they created signs from it to post outside of their offices in Flint Michigan. American manufactures still had time to prosper before the Japanese company Toyota finally entered the market hard in the 1980s. “The success of the Quality of Work Life program, plus the desire to emulate Japan’s just-in-time manufacturing process, convinced GM to build a new super-plant on the site of Buick Assembly.” American automakers visited the Toyota plant in Japan, and realized how effective the assembly process was: riveting robots, just-in-time process, and almost non-existent labor laws created the most profitable manufacture process in which American car manufactures have never seen before. The automakers in America strove to create an identical process that Japan has. GM quickly decided to adopted the just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing process and test it in their new Buick super plant. The JIP primary objective is to redu...

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...ll, U.S. Steel, “unable to meet the EPA’s air-quality standards, U.S. Steel shipped its mill to China, where polluters can write their names on the sky.” Also, Chicago industries moved to china as well, because of American government agency, The EPA, pressuring manufactures for cleaner output, which would cost millions to change; so in the end it was cost effective to outsource to China.
The rise of American demand for goods pushed for increased numbers of jobs in the 1940s to 1960s that had the highest paid middle class in the world. But, governmental interference of business, overconsumption, too powerful unions, and outside competitions caused for the decline and almost total destruction of the American industrial industry. In the end, steel and car manufactures of the U.S. pushed back against the unions so that it prosper in American without have to outsource.

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