The Individual’s Existentialist Struggle Rooted in Fear Essays

The Individual’s Existentialist Struggle Rooted in Fear Essays

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The individual is naturally comprised of a conglomeration of cumbersome and distressing emotions, such as fear and distress. It is within inane circumstances that human beings are able to experience inherent fear. In moments of fear, people are able to apply existentialist thought, for it is through fear in which people decide to act. Existentialism is a philosophical theory that is governed by authenticity, which is that the existence of a person is determined through the acts of their own will (“Existentialism”). Throughout literature, existentialist theorists are able to portray the capacity that inherent fear plays upon the human condition.
Fear is the capital reason humans choose to act. People are biologically programmed to respond to fear-inducing situations. Human beings act out of emotion, motivating them to act. An emotion such as fear is stimulated through the thalamus, which then sends a signal to the cerebral cortex that produces the feelings associated with events, whether those be feelings pertaining to sadness or glee (Klein, Stephen B. and Michael Thorne 424). Humans, of all around the world suffer from the biological and spontaneous reactions that fear, or rather most emotions, creates. No one is omitted from the unconscious actions that the mind establishes. It is not only emotion that allows the mind to control the will, but it is through feelings that the individual truly breaks away from the subconscious need to fit in with society and discover themselves in a world where existence itself is a questionable idea.
As individuals experience emotions, emotions lead to feelings that are the true thoughts that motivate the single person to act further than their emotional state’s abilities. People are, in...

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