Increased Government Funding for Stem Cell Research Essay

Increased Government Funding for Stem Cell Research Essay

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Increased Government Funding for Stem Cell Research:
According to Channel Four News (1), Russell Turnbull, a 38 year old man from England, lost sight out of one eye in a fight that happened in 1994. He tried to intervene between two men that were fighting on a bus. When he tried to break up the confrontation, one of the mean squirted ammonia at him. The ammonia landed in his cornea which instantly caused his eye to clamp shut; his eye would remain closed for two weeks. Russell immediately left the bus and headed for the nearest hospital. At the hospital he was diagnosed with LSCD which stands for limbial stem cell deficiency. LSCD causes corneal clouding, sensitivity to light, constant watering of the eyes, and leaves the afflicted unable to drive. This ailment requires costly long-term medicine and frequent trips to the doctor. Doctors tried numerous washes and creams, but none of these treatments really helped Russell’s vision. Just as Russell was losing hope in ever seeing again, his doctor, Franciso Figueiredo, recommended trying a new stem cell procedure. Turnbull agreed to the procedure, and doctors began growing new stem cells with a few stem cells from his good eye. The newly created stem cells were implanted in Turnbull’s bad eye. The eye began functioning normally, and eventually full sight was restored. Russell finally possessed full sight after fifteen years. Turnbull had this to say about the operation, “I'm working, I can go jet-skiing again and I also ride horses. I have my life back thanks to the operation." This man isn’t the only man who could benefit from this technology. Millions of people world wide have injuries and diseases that could be treated by embryonic stem cells. Although some people ...

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