Essay on Inclusion Of The Special Education Classroom

Essay on Inclusion Of The Special Education Classroom

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Full Inclusion is sparking a huge debate in classrooms all across the United States. Many states are trying to make a giant leap into full inclusion classrooms. Full inclusion allows the dismantling of the special education classroom and moving all students with disabilities into general education courses at schools. For many students, special education classrooms offer something they can’t get anywhere else. Special education teachers and general education teachers believe full inclusion will cause more damage than success for lower functioning students. Yes, inclusion can be great in some settings, but instead of academic inclusion, schools should focus on social inclusion of students with disabilities. Full inclusion limits the learning potential of students with disabilities and places them in a restrictive environment because of the wide range of academic abilities and lack of differentiating in general education classrooms.
What exactly does a special education classroom have that general education classrooms don’t? Over five million children in the United States have been identified as having a specific disability, including autism, mental delay, or cerebral palsy: emotional, physical, visual or hearing disabilities; or learning disabilities that necessitate some type of special instruction (Pierangelo,3). Special education classrooms are there to adapt and accommodate to the needs of their students. In a special education classroom, you will observe many brain breaks, a different type of curriculum, and a more relaxed setting. Many do not realize that some students with disabilities are unable to sit through a rigorous 45 minute class with no breaks because of the demanding standards. One thing that puts spec...

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... mainstream classrooms, regardless of their ability to function there, is not only unrealistic, but also downright harmful – often for the children themselves (Shanker). Inclusion is possible, but full inclusion shouldn’t happen. Just like we have honors classes for honors students; we need special education classes for students with special needs. The structure of full inclusion is flawed and not fully thought out. The school system needs to think of what is in the best interest of the students because after all, they are the ones affected by this decision. The process on implementing full inclusion is being rushed. If the school system looks at the effects of inclusion as a whole, they will realize that things need to be better thought out. Instead of thinking about standards and testing, schools need to focus on creating the best environment for their students.

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