The Incarceration Of The Prison System Essay

The Incarceration Of The Prison System Essay

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Injustice in The Prison System
“Today we have the highest rate of incarceration in the world,” (Stevenson). The prison population in the U.S. has grown extremely fast over the past three decades. With almost “six million people on probation or parole,” it is clear that there is a problem with our prison system (Stevenson). I believe the prison system in the United States is outdated and unjust because of unfair sentencing, racial discrimination, and the privation of the prison system.
Under the current prison system, many offenders of nonviolent crimes are getting much longer sentences than actually necessary. Many of these nonviolent crimes are drug crimes, such as dealing. “There are more than a half-million people in state or federal prisons for drug offense today today, up from 41,000 in 1980,” this rapid increase in incarceration for drug offenses highlights the injustice of our prison system. In some these cases, offenders are spending life in jail for nonviolent crimes. This is true in the case of Danielle Metz, who is currently “serving three life sentences for her involvement in her husband’s cocaine distribution enterprise,” (Knafo). This was Metz first offense, a harsh sentence that left her children motherless. Metz’s case is all too common within our prison system, first time offenders receiving unnecessarily harsh sentences. Many states have abolished necessary things, such as parole, “rehabilitation, education, and services,” leaving the incarcerated without a chance to gain necessary skills to restart their life once their sentence is up (Stevenson). Without these services, prisons are condemning prisoners to more than their sentence, they are taking away prisoners opportunities to learn and grow. The current p...

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...he prison system into a business that makes “mass incarceration a money-making windfall for a few and …costly…for the rest of us,” (Stevenson). Another downside of these private prisons is that many state governments have needed to “shift funds from public services…to pay for incarceration,” (Stevenson). Private prisons have not only contributed to the growing prison population, they have turned the prison system into business for their own profit, regardless of the cost on prisoners.
While the prison systems in the U.S. is unfair, it is necessary that problems in our society are recognized first. If problems such as racial discrimination are not fixed in our society as, how can they truly be fixed within the prison system. It is our obligation to “examine society and try to change… no matter the risk,” because only then can fix the problems in the prison system

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