Essay about The Incarceration Of Prison Rehabilitation Programs

Essay about The Incarceration Of Prison Rehabilitation Programs

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Criminal Corrections
By definition, corrections are the variety of programs, services, facilities, and organizations responsible for the management of individuals who have been accused or convicted of criminal offenses (Clear 11). Yet looking at what prisons are giving inmates today, it seems that this definition is not being upheld. There has been a lack of funding towards new programs that could prevent inmates from returning to prison, and the result is an increase in recidivism in prisons all over the United States.

Rehabilitative Model
With the rehabilitative model, correction programs are able to emphasize the provision of treatment programs designed to reform the offender. This model was formed during the 1950s. Typically this model is used to reform an inmate’s perspective and bring emphasis on conforming to norms. Prisons became places of reform where inmates could be rehabilitated and prepared for a return to society. It wasn’t until numerous criminological reports finding no significant treatment effects for prison rehabilitation programs that the rethinking of this ideology changed, leading to the rehabilitative model rarely being used in today’s prisons. There are many rehabilitation programs currently being implemented in prison. One of them is probation and parole supervision. Probation is the rehabilitative model which allows offenders to be placed on community supervision as a substitute for incarceration. Parole on the other hand, is a system where inmates are conditionally released to community supervision after serving a prison term. Parolees can be re-incarcerated if they violate the conditions of their parole.

Punitive Model
Deterrence, warehousing, incapacitation, these are just a few of the terms th...

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...hat it is about time for a reformation of corrections. Since the war on drugs, prisons have been filling with non-violent drug offenders, and these inmates make up a great amount of the prison population. Due the “Get tough on Crime” motto, these individuals have been given harsh sentences for their crimes and I feel that it is necessary that these inmates have reduced sentences to lower our prison incarcerations. If these drug offenders are released, then it leaves the majority of the offenders in prisons to be the violent offenders. My second phase for this reformation would be to bring back effective programs that will help these violent inmates reenter society with a “clean slate”. Most programs help inmates learn trade skills to be an electrician, plumber, or carpenter, will allow these individuals come out of prison with more knowledge than before they went in.

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