The Importance Of Writing Workshops On Writing And Setting The Stage For A Lifelong Joy Of Writing

The Importance Of Writing Workshops On Writing And Setting The Stage For A Lifelong Joy Of Writing

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Experts believe that writing workshops are an excellent way to get elementary school children interested in writing and setting the stage for a lifelong joy of writing. Lucy Calkins developed Writer’s Workshop which was based on many positions taken by her mentor Donald Graves (Feinberg 2). She identified six major components of the Writer’s Workshop, which make it so successful. The six components are: predictable structure, free choice, useful mini-lessons, daily independent writing time, conferencing with teachers and peers and modeling good writing.
Lucy Calkins described the writing workshop as a deliberate predictable environment with three basic components: teaching time, writing time and sharing time (Rog 2). Children need structure as well as a save and accepting place to write. Students thrive in an environment where they feel comfortable to express themselves and are not distracted with any upcoming test. The routine should include a mini lesson, writing time with mini conferences and sharing time.
Another important part of Writer’s Workshop is the student’s free choice on the majority of writing topics. Nancie Atwell strongly believes, when children choose their writing topics it will lead to writing that matters (Nancie Atwell, 2015). Student work the hardest if they write about themselves, something that happened to them or a person they know. It is important that the students see their writing as their own work. It is as important for the teacher to find practical reasons for writing, such as a letter to a relative or writing a science lab after the students were told they are aspiring scientists who are interested to tell the world about their findings. Engaged young writers develop their voice and style and will...

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...good writing and being the role model for the children. As shown in the “Teacher as Writer” workshop children feel more comfortable to present their writing after the teacher presented his or her work. The workshop showed how a teacher can teach by presenting their showing webbing writing prompts, reading their pre-write and final writing. Donald H. Graves stated “to be a successful teacher of writing, teachers must write themselves” (National Writing Project, 2010). Mr. Graves believed if children do not see that adults have to write, then they will not aspire to become a good writer, but want to grow up to escape the necessity of writing (National Writing Project, 2010).
A Writer’s Workshop should always be concluded with a sharing time. Mr. Graves points out that a “sharing time brings closure to a session with an opportunity to reflect and celebrate writing.”

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