The Importance of Places in Crime Prevention Essay

The Importance of Places in Crime Prevention Essay

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Over the last several decades, both the nature of offenders and offending have played a crucial role in guiding thought about crime prevention and crime prevention techniques (Eck& Weisburd, 1995; Cornish & Clarke, 2003). Although many contributions to crime prevention have been made, it is important to focus on those that work. Consequently, criminologists and crime prevention practitioners have become increasingly aware of the importance of places in crime prevention (Eck & Weisburd, 1995).
Offenders choose to take advantage of limited crime opportunities where crime is low risk, easy, rewarding, socially encouraged or provoked (Clarke, 2008). By facilitating these criteria, a particular place can impact the likelihood of such criminal events taking place. Properly identifying the many circumstances that can influence criminal decision making in a problem area is imperative to successful analyses and eventual mitigation of crime problems.
Crimes and crime patterns vary spatially and temporally. Crime can also be unique to facilities. For example, not all apartment complexes experience identical types or frequencies of crime. To address these differences, Eck and Clarke (2007) outline seven factors believed to influence a facility’s risk of criminal events as high or low including: variation in size, location, hot products, crime attractors, repeat victimization, poor management and poor design and layout. While no singular reason for variations among like facilities exist, it remains important to determine the contributing features of each so appropriate crime prevention measures can be proscribed (Eck & Clarke, 2007; Eck, Clarke, & Petrossain, 2013).
Across all disciplines, analyses are utilized for problem solving. Risky faci...

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