Essay on The Importance of Literacy

Essay on The Importance of Literacy

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Have you ever though what is the relationship of term “literacy” in your life? Within today’s teaching practices literacy has come to be a major part of the course curriculum when teaching early years. It has numerous definitions and meanings to individual people as it continues to be developed through our rapidly changing world. My understanding of literacy “has to do with having the skills and knowledge to create, locate, analyze, comprehend and use a variety of written, visual, aural and multi-model texts for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts.” Literacy is far more than reading and writing, it also involves critical thinking where it tests someone’s understanding of a balanced literacy program which in turn addresses the issues that promotes active and critical learners. Literacy involves important underlying principles. These principles include the indication system also known as sources information and the socio-cultural perspective. These principles are important when attaining literacy. Reading and writing English plays important role in our lives because we are able to accomplish so much with the ability to read and write. It is our everyday life and it is something that must be kept up and taught early. If we are literate in these skills then we will be able to communicate easily in our discourse communities. We use email, conversation, read at school, and social skills to correspond within the discourse communities, so we must be able to read and write. In addition, I use to work in the Sutter County Library Literacy Program where I use to teach adult people who immigrant from different countries to United States. We had four types of level in our English classes, and we use to place them according to their...

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...e expansions will help me achieve the course goals because I need to become aware as academic writer through preparation of this course and apply all the techniques in my writing. Nevertheless, I still struggle to support my points with details and analysis because I have resists understanding the vocabulary that is used in readings. Therefore, I will continue t grow from my strengths and build on my weaknesses so that I can become a better writer in the future.
In short, I have more goals to achieve in my academic career. I desire to have high proficiency in English language reading and writing. I want to specify in some academic fields and be able to write different kinds of papers. At this regard, I will have vast writing experience. I should be able to work under pressure, responsive and complete works quickly and effectively as a professional academic write.

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