The Importance Of Being Born A Boy Essay

The Importance Of Being Born A Boy Essay

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Being Masculine
To be masculine, goes way beyond just simply being born a boy. It involves the way one acts, the way one talks, the way one dresses, and just ultimately the way people perceive one another. Even the smallest of acts or gestures can distinguish people from being masculine or not. Being masculine is a concept that has been imbedded into our minds through t.v, movies, advertisements, sports, and a variety of other influential factors. There is a set standard in today’s society as to how guys are to be perceived and how women should. Boys are raised to believe they must act, dress, and do certain things in order to fit in and avoid being called “girly”. Many men take their sexual orientation very seriously and the subject of whether or not they are masculine should never come into question.
When one thinks of a man, they more often than not visualize a strong, tough, leadership having type of figure. These qualities, along with a number of others, have been seen as a set standard for most men in society. Standards such as these, have come across as being looked at as the everyday norm and most men would dread the thought of not being able to meet expectations. Showing signs of weakness or getting in touch with their feminine side, can be a touchy subject for a quantity of men because it can often times leave them vulnerable to ridicules or, even worse, violence. Take for example the powerful, destructive leader, Adolf Hitler. Being whom he was, it would be preposterous to ever believe Hitler was anything but this power driven, country conquering madman who was overfilled with nothing but masculinity. Nevertheless, Michael Kimmel, a professor of sociology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and author ...

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...Nature, Culture, and Male Body Hair, points out, “Of course we don’t have identity variables for these numbers, and therefore we might assume, as one salon owner told me with a thick Russian accent, “it’s a gay thing…gays, they have beautiful bodies but they want no hair on the body,” (Immergut 554). This goes to show that it is a “gay thing” to have clean shaven bodies.
To question a man’s masculinity is something most men take seriously. Masculinity is a huge deal whether it’s among older men or younger teens. Many factors come into play when determining if one is masculine or not. Factors such as the way one looks, what one wears, and how they act. Many kids grow up in fear of being called a “fag” and thus they later grow up and follow a standard way of how men should present themselves. In order to be masculine, one has to do way more than just be born a boy.

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