The Importance Of Advice For Hispanics And Other Races Essay

The Importance Of Advice For Hispanics And Other Races Essay

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Medina4The picture above (figure 5) shows different races that have an associate’s degree along withdebt and inflation. Which was mentioned before all races have somewhat of an inequalitycoming from their background from of course the past till present day. Concluding with thisgraph it seems to be Hispanics and or other races besides whites that are either on the max orlower spikes for debt. The lack of advice always is a threat, never advising people to understandthe opportunities that come abroad within each and every citizen’s finger tips. Advising thedifferent paths to take would be helpful financial wise to not only benefit the studenteconomically but sparing them in having to take courses that do not encourage or allow them tobe able to become who or what they want to pursue. For Hispanics it’s destined to fail and not beable to succeed in life in general, making it seemingly to be set for the whole race as a whole.Most Hispanics are usually the first to obtain a college or attend college within their wholefamily’s generation. Which of course demonstrate the lack of knowledge of what classes to take,where the cheapest books are at, or even if they are able to qualify for financial aid. This is oneof the main causes towards increasing debt is the lack of knowledge that contributes to suchwhich can be seen in (figure 5). Whites on the other hand have more of a higher standard set bysociety in which includes the biases, prejudices and so forth. Most white people have had eithertheir parents or family member attend college and understand how university/college life is likewith all the grades from exams, presentations and activities. The figure above doesn’t show themhowever on low standards with debt for some people aren’t able...

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...n would beto pursue a career and not just some job, but a career that they would very much enjoy doing forthe rest of their lives till they retire. Once they have finished and received their graduate diplomathey may start working and end up paying off the debt that they owe and stop after everythingthat help them pay through the whole journey is finished and is no longer in need for paying itoff.
Medina7This picture (Taking on debt) emphasizes the number of growth in debts, but doesn’t concludethe end result in which hence forth the students who finish grad school will become what theytrained and learned so hard for and be able to pay off all the debts and no longer be classified asa debtor. In conclusion, College is worth the cost no matter what ethnicity, race, or age justknowing the proper and suitable information will help lead Millennials today for a better life.

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