The Importance Of A Student For An Iep Essay

The Importance Of A Student For An Iep Essay

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When evaluating a student for an IEP it is important to abide by and look at the process that is required by the IDEA. The reason for this is so that the special education teacher is abiding by regulations that are required for a student to have an IEP implemented in the classroom. An IEP is a binding contract and therefore it is important to understand the legal aspects of an IEP through the 10 step process. In this paper, a case study is looked at and analyzed by using the 10 step process to evaluate the student for an IEP.
In the case of Bryanna it was clearly evident that the special education department put in place several interventions tiers for the student, but was unable to reach those intervention goals. Therefore, it is crucial to reevaluate the possibility of an IEP with further interventions. Through this the special education teacher can use 10 steps through the process. Since the student has been through three types of intervention and each one has failed it is clear that an IEP is needed to be implemented to help the student.
The first step in this process would be a referral from either the parent or a school professional to see if the student is in need of special services. This could be a teacher, school counselor, or even the special education teacher themselves. Also, a child find maybe set in place to evaluate whether the student is in need for more services. The state conducts a child find activity or the parents can request a child find to evaluate their child. (NICHCY,2004). Then the student will be referred to special education and a pre-referral will be conducted. The pre-referral consists of several interventions (Smith, 2014), which special education has conducted for the student in the ca...

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...luated after three years of having an IEP. At this point the purpose of the reevaluation is to find out if the student is still eligible and is defined by IDEA as a child with a disability, and what the student’s educational needs are. (NICHCY,2004). Once again parents would need to have consent for Bryanna to be reevaluated for services.

In conclusion, it is important to understand the process of an IEP as a special education teacher, so that the student is not falling through the cracks. It is also greatly important to understand that under the IDEA there are regulations that need to be met before a student qualifies for an IEP. An IEP helps a student who has a disability to be able to receive services that can help them with their challenges in school. Understanding the process will allow special education teacher to better assist students with disabilities.

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