The Importance Of A Pharmacy Technician Position At Cvs Pharmacy Essay

The Importance Of A Pharmacy Technician Position At Cvs Pharmacy Essay

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I realize how crucial the dispensation of drugs is because I saw a death of a young boy by taking wrong medication couples years ago. Therefore, I applied for a career in pharmacy to understand more about the dispensing process. Amazingly, I was offered a pharmacy technician position at CVS pharmacy. My life has become more interesting and challenging from that day.
Being a pharmacy technician, I have had an opportunity to work with pharmacists in order to understand how to be a pharmacist. I have learned that pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare system because of the information and remedies they provide to their patients. Moreover, I have seen how they are not only “a chief of preparer of drugs” (Edward Kremers and Glenn Sonnedecker, 11) but also a bridge between physicians and patients. I participated in an event which showed me how significant pharmacists are. This event happened when I dispensed the medication for my patient and asked him if he had any questions for the pharmacist about his eye drops. He looked at me with stunned eyes and said that he had an otic infection, not an optic infection. Immediately, I reported this issue to my pharmacist. Quickly and professionally, she called the patient’s doctor, discussed the solution with him and explained the situation to the patients. In fact, she helped the physician to avoid the medication error, saved the patient’s eyes and demonstrated to me how essential a pharmacist is.
Soon after that event, I started to plan a strategy for becoming a pharmacist. I registered to take prerequisites at State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota. This college attracted me not only by the delightful campus but also the outstanding professors. At SCF, I am a stu...

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...e peaceful sunset. Furthermore, I also love camping and hiking. I hiked at Grand Canyon National Park, and it was an astonishing time in my life. Both volunteering activities and the support from my family motivate me to be a pharmacist.
I would be grateful for the opportunity to attend pharmacy school because it would open a path to my pharmacy education that is essential for my short-term and long-term professional goals. For my short-term target, pharmacy education will assist me to be a clinical pharmacist in hospital pharmacy. Then, I want to be a professor at a pharmacy college so that I can share my experiences with my students who have aspiration in the pharmacy field. Because of my achievements in academic activities, my experience in retail and hospital pharmacies, and the encouragement from my wife, I believe I will be successful at pharmacy college.

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