Essay on The Impact Of Wwii On America During World War II

Essay on The Impact Of Wwii On America During World War II

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The Impact of WWII on America

America’s participation in World War II had significant impacts on several aspects of life in the United States. America was emerging from a period of isolationism after World War I, retreating to domestic concerns rather than addressing international affairs. America was also experiencing an economic crisis brought on by the Great Depression when events occurred leading up to America’s participation in World War II. While America’s participation in World War I caused significant changes, it’s participation in World War II led to permanent transformational change in America’ society, government and international relations.
America’s world identity emerging from World War II was different than after World War I. After World War II, America took on a permanent international role in foreign affairs, pursuing the opportunity to spread President Roosevelt’s ideas of the four freedoms, which are freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear, internationally. After World War I, America retreated back to concern itself with only domestic affairs, a period of isolationism. This was the significant difference between WWI and WWII; America realized it was going to be the international enforcer of peace and freedom worldwide, not just concerned with domestic affairs.
There were also significant social changes in America during this time. World War II brought America out of the Depression by the increased government spending in gearing up for the war. The government built housing for workers, and companies were forced to produce for war products in lieu of their regular products. Auto companies were turned into factories that produced jeeps, tanks and trucks to be sent ...

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... international transactions, and founded the World Bank as well as the International Monetary Fund. This agreement established the United States as the world’s financial leader.
America at the end of World War II was stronger and more internationally focused than ever before. The greatest generation in America emerged as united Americans promoted freedom and equality internationally, not just domestically. Americans realized their prosperity not only depended on their domestic efforts, but relied on the success of global economic reconstruction, which they took the dominant role in securing. America emerged from World War II as one of the world’s super powers, along with the Soviets as the other dominant world power. While the end of WWII found the beginning of the Cold War, it also found the emergence of the strongest and the greatest generation in America.

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