The Impact Of Shawna 's Parents ' Relationship Essay

The Impact Of Shawna 's Parents ' Relationship Essay

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It is 7:11 on Friday night, the first of March 1996, in room 112 of Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine. Married couple, Chris and Veronica Meserve of Steep Falls, Maine are welcoming their second daughter into the world, Shawna Irene Meserve. She will grow to be a physically and developmentally healthy being because of, among many factors such as her genetics, the circumstances and significant relationships surrounding her birth. Starting at the beginning of Shawna’s parents’ relationship, these circumstances and significant relationships surrounding this infant’s birth will be highlighted and analyzed to determine how they may have affected her very early development.
Chris Meserve, native to Standish, Maine, and Veronica Guay, from Manchester, New Hampshire, started dating on June 20, 1990 after she moved up to Maine to be with her mother and stepfather. Exactly three months later, on the twentieth of September, the two were engaged. During their engagement they lived together at his parents’ house and saved up enough money to purchase their own home right around the time they wed, on June 20, 1992. As they were only twenty years old at the time, and both without college degrees, many were weary of their commitment to become husband and wife; however, they had no doubts that they were meant to be together and have a family. That being said, less than two years later they gave birth to their first daughter, Reba Rose Meserve, on the first of April, 1994.
While the two weren’t well read on the theories of infant development, their maternal and paternal instincts told them to provide comfort and attention to their offspring, along with adequate nutrition. By caring for infants with these factors in mind, babies are enab...

... middle of paper ... the world; their unknowing use of both social and financial support systems advantageously shaped the family 's dynamic and socioeconomic status; and their precautions during pregnancy on the importance of breastfeeding benefited the infant’s early growth and development. Because they allowed love to guide their parenting, furthermore, they provided emotional and physical support to Shawna, identified by important developmental markers in the first few months of life, including her reaching the sensorimotor state of intelligence as well as her social smiles and laughter with her older sister at six weeks of age. While there are many factors that affect development which parents have no control over, the aforementioned factors, whether Chris and Veronica were conscious of them or not, enabled a healthy early development of their second child, Shawna Irene Meserve.

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