Essay about Impact of Globalisation on International Public Policy

Essay about Impact of Globalisation on International Public Policy

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Agreements on International Public Policy have never been as abundant as in the last century. In the meantime, Globalisation has become a major phenomenon around the world, at various levels. So, it will be interesting to know if globalisation makes agreements on International Public Policy easier or harder.
Looking towards history, Globalisation has deeply affected both national and international way of governance. Focus will be made on the economical and political aspects of globalisation and its effects on IPP1 in those fields.
“Globalisation” has been very difficult to define clearly, and many scholars tried to give a accurate description. To link globalisation to IPP, let's see how agreements on IPP evolved concurrently to globalisation, some successfully, some with failure.
Aspects like climate change, human right law, the European Union, WTO, World Bank and the financial crisis of 2008 will be examined to demonstrate that globalisation had a paradoxical effect on global governance, but mostly positive.
As globalisation was expanding, agreements on IPP were made easier towards international institutions. But, a question rises among this assumption: Is it ONLY globalisation that eased agreements on IPP? Or does crises play a role too ?
At the end of this paper, the relation between IPP and crises will be analysed and linked to globalisation in order to conclude on the topic.

1: IPP = International Public Policy

Correlation between IPP and Globalisation
“Globalisation” is an old process that started way before the 20th century. In fact, the first signs of globalisation appeared with the first merchants that used to travel from a country to an another to buy and sell theirs goods. But “globalisation...

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