The Immigration Department Of The United States Essay

The Immigration Department Of The United States Essay

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Although I have read this book before, I still enjoy reading the stories of the hardship and challenges the immigrants overcame. Issues such as drugs and discrimination have been addressed in the book and the response the victims of such issues got from the concerned authorities in relation to their complaints. The book is based on narrations of real time events and the stereotypes that put the immigrants on the wrong side of the law almost all the time. Additionally, the need for reform can be seen from this novel where immigrants themselves echo their dissatisfaction with the current state of things in the US.
With the elections looming, the issue of immigrant reforms and the things that ought to be done to ensure better accommodation of immigrants in the United States is a topic worthy of discussion. There have been issues in the immigration department, and this is the voice that Presente by Christina is putting forward. One of the aspects that caught my eye as a reader is the policy aspect which takes down the rights of the immigrants and makes them prone to neglect and exploitation by the existing rules and regulations. The situation can be referred to as modern day slavery as it allows the use of desperate immigrants as workers in America known and reputable industries without addressing the issues around their working conditions. The industries take advantage of the lack of clear policies that cater to immigrants and keep threatening them with deportation every moment they question their poor working conditions. The aspect of progressive social change is also addressed. Social change as a topic is more of the interactions with the people themselves and between the people and the government. The aspect of the immigrant refo...

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...n regimes are yet to change.
In conclusion, this aspect of repressive immigration policy should be addressed. Social movements have come up and expressed their dissatisfaction with the current rules on immigration policy and need it to be changed. Most of the persons affected are the Latinos and the black population. Although the government feels that this is for the general good of the population, the repressiveness of the policies calls for thorough reviewing by the state department of immigration. It is prudent to control the flow of immigrants in America than allowing loopholes used by immigrants to end up in America only to be exposed to exploitative treatments. When the loopholes are not sealed it only appears that the US government is aware that illegal immigrants are in the US and possibly being exploited as there have been reported cases of mistreatment.

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