Essay on Imagination, By Daphne Dumarier

Essay on Imagination, By Daphne Dumarier

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Imagination is the actions of forming new ideas, or images not present to the senses. It creates a form of what is real and what is not real, and sometimes can separate a person from reality. In the novel Rebecca by Daphne duMarier, Daphne portrays the narrator as having a very imaginative mind. One of the biggest key roles played upon the character is imagination, and the narrator shows imagination can conjure up unnecessary events in a person’s mins The narrator In the novel lets her imagination take over her mind, causing her to change the way she behaves, causing her to become self conscious, and altering her relationship with the people around her, and as well as her husband.
After the narrator, whose name remains unknown throughout the story moves to Manderley with her new husband, Maxim de Winter, she starts to become uncomfortable being around prominent people. The narrator starts to hide because she doesn’t want to face people. She feels as if the first thing they’ll do when they see her is judge her. The narrator even feels the the people of the Manderly estate are judging, and laughing at her because of the way the way she acts and dresses. They also compare her to Maxim first wife, someone who was perceived as being confident and well liked. In the novel Rebecca the narrator explains her discern by stating, “ I wrote quickly to a shop in London and asked for a catalogue of underlinen...I often wondered whether Alice told the others, and if my underclothes became a topic of conversation in the servant hall something rather dreadful,” (duMarier 136). In that scene her imagination goes as far as she feels she needs to change her appearance, so the housemaids won’t judge her even though she has no sort of knowledge tha...

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...ow she treats their dog Jasper. In the novel Rebecca the narrator compares herself to the dog when stating “ The smile was my reward. Like a pat on the head of Jasper. Good dog then, lie down, don’t worry me anymore. I was Jasper again. I was back to where I had been before” (118). This comment shows that the narrator lets her imagination run so far that she thinks she is nothing more that a companion to Maxim, just like her last job.
In conclusion, it is seen that imagination played a key role in the novel in the case of the narrator. The narrator from the very beginning of her relationship with Maxim develops of very imaginative mind. Her imagination causing her to change her behaving, she become self conscious, and her relationship changes around around her, especially with her husband. In the end it can be perceived that her imagination causes more bad than good.

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