Illiteracy in A Judgement in Stone, by Ruth Rendell Essay

Illiteracy in A Judgement in Stone, by Ruth Rendell Essay

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In today’s society a vast number of people are well educated. They have the equal opportunity to choose their own path in life by getting an education. A primary educational aspect of every human is to learn to read. Being able to read is a primary goal of people in human society, as well as important in itself to society; it takes people far beyond their wildest dreams. A person who is literate has few limitations on what they can do; the world is an open playing field, because a person that is literate has the ability to become very successful in life. On the contrary, a person that is illiterate has many limitations on their life. The limitations can consist of any disadvantage that can stop a person from becoming successful in their life. For one of many examples, illiteracy has a significant impact on the economy, because it affects the jobs and basic living skills that people need to survive. Mental disorders can possibly ensue in an illiterate persons’ life. In some cases, it is like they live in a world of their own and alienate themself from other individuals. The only thing an illiterate person has to rely on is themself and the things that they hear from other people. This is especially true in A Judgment in Stone by Ruth Rendell, where the reader encounters a significant notion about evil in the mind that a disadvantaged person can acquire, as well as how fragile the mind can be.
Eunice Parchman, the main character of the story, has a big problem in her life. The problem is the inability to read and write: Rendell admitted, “Destiny was temporarily disturbed by the coming of the Second World War. Along with thousands of other London schoolchildren, she was sent away to the country before she learned to read” (26). Wh...

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...ead and write. Literacy is apparent in many aspects of life because one learns many things being literate. Human behavior, emotion, and conduct for examples are things people gain through literacy. One may not have these attributes and also may develop coldness because of a lack of these attributes through being illiterate. Then the ultimate evil can occur through being illiterate which is unfortunate. That evil is not being able to tell right from wrong. Not being able to understand this notion can ultimately lead to anyone’s downfall. Eunice’s predicament is best described as illiteracy of the criminal mind.

Works Cited Rendell, Ruth. A Judgement in Stone. Vintage; January 4, 2000

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