Ideology And Its Impact On Society Essay

Ideology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Ideology still plays an in important role in other America government. Ideology is difficult to define because it’s a widely use term? Ideology is a set of beliefs that guides an individual, social movement, institution based their actions on. According to Rolf Schwarz “ideology is a set of beliefs, especially the political beliefs on which people, parties or countries base their actions” ideology can’t be only use to political system, people can adopt ideology in their everyday life. “Ideology begins with the beliefs that things can be better; It is a plan to improve society” by Anthony Downs. Ideology is use in every country government, it might be different government, but ideology is still needed. Andrew Vincent as well as many authors defines the term ideology as “A neologisms compounded from Greeks term eidos and logos. Ideology can be defined as a science of ideas. (Vincent: 2009:P.1.) Although with all the different type of definition about ideology it’s very difficult to really understand the term ideology. Examples of ideology are communism, socialism, capitalism, maxism, modern/ classical conservatism, modern/ classical liberalism, etc. Ideologies also play a major role in the parties in our society today. Ideology has change throughout history, because of the cause of war and depression. Each different ideology played a role to make up the strong society the America government have today. The declaration of independent is set to be the first type of ideology the America society face. Two popular ideologies that’s practice almost worldwide are modern liberalism and modern conservatism. They have different beliefs on how society, government, and economics should be handling. From past history it show that America alwa...

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... who taught it’s not the way a nation should be run. Modern liberalism wants government to be present in all actives that the nations does, including free market. Philosophy like Thomas Hill Green argue that if the government doesn’t step up and control the population and how the economic should befit everybody, the nation’s economy will collapse, because they will be a large gap between the poor and rich. On the other hand modern conservatism took on the beliefs of classical liberalism, saying the government should allow the nation to practice free market. Adam smith is known for creating the beliefs to classical liberalism. According to Adam smith ague that if government interferes with the economy then it wills no longer count as free market. Both philosophies made their point clearly, now it’s up to the nation to decide which on they want to have in their nation.

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