Essay about The Idea Of Self Or The Soul

Essay about The Idea Of Self Or The Soul

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When discussing the concept of politics, many people’s thinking would not immediately jump to the idea of self or the soul, but would rather focus more intensely on the way we treat others, and the importance of small/large/no government systems. While both are of great importance to give thought to, philosophers Frederick Nietzsche and Walt Whitman challenge readers to think more closely about what exactly it means to possess a mentality of the self, and to examine the way it plays out in our everyday lives. Both authors are accredited with being highly influential thinkers on individualistic philosophy and concepts that are still studied today. While Whitman didn’t necessarily encourage the pursuit of individualism, he sought to educate others in the recognition of being individuals in a grander scheme of things. That, while we might all be separate beings, that we are all a part of the Universe, and that everything we do should be in correlation to the promotion and expansion of all living beings. Another strong factor of Whitman’s thoughts on expansive individualism, as expressed...

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