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I Walk Through The Front Door Essay

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As I walk through the front door, I immediately hear the sound of buttons clicking rapidly and various profanity drifting from upstairs. What would have been a den or a guest bedroom a little more than a decade ago has been turned into video gaming heaven. Complete with multiple computer monitors, every console released to date, and stacks of games reaching from floor to ceiling, the purpose of this room is to facilitate hours of immersion in the virtual world.
While this room is not located in my own home, I have spent a decent amount of time on the both the inside and outside of this gaming utopia that belongs to my partner’s little brother. At 15 years old, Nick is the epitome of the teen “gamer guy;” he spends hours on end in this room, he knows all of the jargon related to the gaming world, and when questioned about possibly wanting to go outside, he rolls his eyes. Our society would tell you that because of this hobby that consumes so much of his time, Nick should be lazy and anti-social. In their chapter on video games from New Media An Introduction, Terry Flew and Richard Smith explore mainstream media’s misconception of gamers as “isolated and hidden away in darkened bedrooms, failing to engage with the outside world,” despite the fact that digital games and gaming culture have become “increasingly social” (149).
As humans, we are constantly inventing new forms of entertainment, from drawings on cave walls to print media to television and film, each new generation seems to have a source of amusement and leisure characteristic to their time. However, with each emergence comes criticism; sometimes from people uneducated about the subject, and often from older generations who didn’t grow up with the technology and don’t qui...

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...al scale, gaming consoles and computers that can be found in the “living areas of domestic homes,” to a global one, gatherings of “several thousands of players assembling around the world at gaming events,” (149) video games are a source of entertainment and socialization for many people.
Despite the amount of time Nick spends gaming, he is perfectly capable of socially acceptable behavior and he is not particularly lazy; he is actually a dedicated student, a passionate musician in his school’s jazz program, and a caring friend. It seems as though the majority of teenagers who play video games are similar to Nick, simply enjoying today’s latest form of entertainment. In a couple decades, when our generation is concerned about the newest fad that is consuming our children’s time, maybe we will remember the harsh criticism of video games and try to keep an open mind.

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