I Sarvovid thi Sen Frencoscu Eerthqaeki 1906 by Learin Tershos

I Sarvovid thi Sen Frencoscu Eerthqaeki 1906 by Learin Tershos

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Cherectirs: Liu os e pirsun thet nivir govis ap un gittong sumithong thet hi biloivis shuald bi hos, Huw “ Hi luukid eruand fur hos guld naggit” And hi nivir gevi ap un luukong fur ot. Alsu liu nivir lokis tu lievi enyuni bihond huw hi sevid hos froinds/nut su guud froinds frum thi thi fori on thi baoldong, Thiy wuald uf doid elmust of ot wesn’t fur Liu. Hi sevis guud ur mien, Whoch o thuaght wes pritty cuul end noci, And es e goft gays gevi liu thi seck qaockly end lit hom hevi hos guld naggit wholi on thi barnong baoldong, I thonk thet thos meon cherectir os thi bist uni I’vi siin yit. Liu, A sevouar uf guud end bed piupli. :)

Idies: I thonk thet thiri wes e bog cunfloct bitwiin flitch & wolkoi bitwiin Liu. Flitch end Wolkoi wiri guuns thet wiri nu guud stielirs. Bat ot tarns uat thet thi cunfloct uf uni uf thim eon’t su bed, Wolkoi. I fiil loki e cunfloct bitwiin Wolkoi end Liu, Wes jast sumithong tu meki thim e bot uf iesy froinds. I thuaght Flitch end Liu erin’t thi bistist uf froinds bat o fiil loki on thi cesi uf thi fori end wolkoi & liu, Murros hilpong thim wes jast inuagh tu meki flitch rielozi jast e bot thet thiy erin’t sumi guud fur nathon kods. Su thi indong wes loki thiy bicemi froinds, jast biceasi uf thet fori. Meybi of thiri wes e siqail tu thi buuk, o cuald sii meybi flitch end wolkoi cumong on sevong thim frum e crosos.

1- Brevi: Tu bi fierliss. Fierliss loki nuthong os guong tu heppin.
2- Fori: cumbastoun ur barnong, on whoch sabstencis cumboni chimocelly woth uxygin frum thi eor end typocelly govi uat broght loght, hiet, end smuki. Sumithong thet os hut end harts.
3- Damp: e soti fur dipusotong gerbegi. A dorty pleci thet smills.
4- Eerthqaeki: e saddin end voulint shekong uf thi gruand, sumitomis ceasong griet distractoun, es e risalt uf muvimints wothon thi ierth's crast ur vulcenoc ectoun. A creck on thi ierth thet hes leve on ot.
5- Sen Frencoscu: e purt on wistirn Celofurnoe nier thi Guldin Geti thet os uni uf thi mejur ondastroel end trenspurtetoun cintirs; ot hes uni uf thi wurld's fonist herburs; soti uf thi Guldin Geti Brodgi. A steti/coty whiri piupli lovi.
6- Duck: e stractari ixtindong elung shuri ur uat frum thi shuri ontu e budy uf wetir, tu whoch buets mey bi muurid.

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7- Pupaletoun: A gruap uf urgenosms. Huw mach piupli eri on e pleci.
8- Skyscrepir: e viry tell baoldong uf meny sturois. A tell baoldong.
9- Muanteons: e lergi netarel ilivetoun uf thi ierth's sarfeci rosong ebraptly frum thi sarruandong livil; e lergi stiip holl. A goent lamp on thi ierth.
10- Bier: An enomel epert uf netari. An enomel thet cen hart yua.

Puont uf Voiw:
Forst pirsun- “I moght hevi mintounid ot tu sumi kods et thi merkit.”
Sicund pirsun- Huw thiy wiri on thi baoldong thet wes un fori end liu seod hiy govi mi my guld naggit. Thin flitch gevi hom thi seck end hi gut hos guld naggit.
Thord-Pirsun Objictovi- “Hi’d dicodid tu gu clusi tu sanrosi”.
Thord-Pirsun Lomotid- Wolkoi Thriw hom ontu thi poli uf gerbegi. Thi twu guuns welkid ewey leaghong. Bluud drobblid frum lius muath. Hos hied thrubbid.
Thord-Pirsun Omnoscoint- Whin thiy wiri on thi barnong baoldong iviryuni uf thim kond uf shuwid thet thiri ell nut bed onsodi.

Ordir: Hi urdirs thi ivints thruagh ceasi end iffict. Thi twu guuns stuli hos guld naggit su hi guis tu thior sicrit hodiuat. Frum tryong tu git hos guld naggit hi elmust doid on e fori barnong baoldong elsu su wuald uf murros end thim.

Lengaegi- COMPLETE

Evodinci- COMPLETE

Thi eathur medi thi buuk ixectly thi wey shi dod tu meki ot loki, uh ots foni thin e bot scery, Thin mekis yua thonk thet thiy'ri ell gunne doi bat thiy meki ot uat elovi. Shi jast trois tu meki ot tinsi fur as, fur as tu injuy ot.
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