I Had The Opportunity At The Synagogue This Past Friday With Kristen Essay

I Had The Opportunity At The Synagogue This Past Friday With Kristen Essay

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I had the opportunity of going to the synagogue this past Friday with Kristen. Being that there were only about eight people who showed up, which we were told was quite typical, they immediately knew we were Bonaventure students. As with many past students, they warmly welcomed us.
The leader, who I cannot remember the name of unfortunately, gave both of us a sermon book. He showed us how one actually reads it right to left because that is how Hebrew is written. Interestingly enough, Kristen and I had noticed a sculpture of the ten commands which was numbered the same way, right to left. He explained as well how the day begins in the evening in Jewish tradition. Being Friday evening, we would be starting in the section titled “Kiddush Shabbat” (to be honest, I’m not sure I have the first word correct).
The scripture seemed very integral and important to the sermon. I don’t know if it was for our benefit, but he would tell the assembly which page to turn to, although we often skipped around so it may have been for everyone’s benefit. Unlike most services I have attended at a church, a lot of the scripture was sung rather than read. For the most part, this was done in Hebrew. I did my best to follow along with the English translation, but I often found myself lost or in a part where there wasn’t a translation available. It’s kind of frustrating, but it shows how important it is to keep the scriptures in its purest form. To not just say the words, but say them as their ancestors said them in their language.
Even though most of the scripture was sung in Hebrew, the other members seemed to find no trouble in keeping up. They always seemed to know exactly what melody to use. I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising because...

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... two and a half to three hours. That is an astounding amount of time in my opinion. I am curious as to the reason they are that long, or what is done.
I was glad to have gone with someone else because we discussed the visit afterwards. She mentioned how, even if she hadn’t grown up with Christianity, she believes she would still have chosen it. I wonder if I too would do the same, but I believe I do feel a larger pull towards Christianity beliefs. I would definitely recommend others to experience outside their own religion, and I intend on visiting other types of services. What I got most out of this is quite different from what I expected. I am suddenly making all these plans to visit other religious services of different religions, but the thing is, I haven’t been to church for a long while. I think the best idea right now, is to reconnect with my own faith.

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