I Had The Best High School Experience Essay examples

I Had The Best High School Experience Essay examples

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I had the best high school experience. I had so much fun but at the same time I did some things wrong, but who cares that was high school I didn’t have any responsibilities or things like that. When I first got to high school it was normal to me because since I was middle school I had a lot of friends in school, and once I got to the high school I went “American Senior High” it was awesome. I n my freshman year I very lazy and crazy since I had all my friends there. I remember we would skip class, skip school and for that reason I failed math! I had to do nigh school my sophomore year, following by lots of test but I have always been a good student not so much with classwork but I was well behaved and teachers liked me because of that. I would do their work and after doing the classwork I would help them in what they need it to complete. There is when I met Katherin Bertot, she did the same thing as me so we would be the two girls that would help the teacher, and that its advantages.
The best thing it happen to me was to find two best friend which I have so much fun with. One is Colombian “Alejandra” the other is Cuban “Rachel” but she’s Colombian at the same time. It’s very funny, the cubanitos from esol would hate us for that. Today we still talk and we haven’t separate from each other since we met. We are very alike we share lots of common friends. I adore them specially the Rachel. She’s like a sister to me because we both have had difficulties in our lives and we helped each other. We are very close and in high school we help with each other a lot, especially with Alejandra that lived on a room by herself.
The thought time came when I had to do the fcat I was so scare of taking it, because I’m good at writing but the reading...

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...d and they were old, we would go to parties on a Wednesday and Thursday and we would wake up to go to school the next day. We would tell our parents we were doing a project but the truth it was that we were at clubs and still go to class with a huge hangover with no problem. Like I said at least we were responsibles to go to school the next day. For our graduation it was funny because we all had to go through a mission to graduate. One wouldn’t pass the esol exam, the other one didn’t pass the fcat but finally passed the act and I had no community hours. After all we made it to graduation and it was very nice. We went to eat with the three families and me and representing my two friends did a speech thanking them for all they had done for us to finally see us graduate. To me it was a great experience a time and age that I will never forget, those where joy times.

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