I Academically Prepared For The Rigors Of College Essay

I Academically Prepared For The Rigors Of College Essay

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Am I Academically prepared for the rigors of college?
For myself, the question is not so much being prepared for the rigors of college, but rather am I ready to complete my Associate of Science. In addition, am I ready to complete the work load that comes with attaining a Bachelor’s Degree. The key to succeeding in college is determined by several different options. Memory, attitude, motivation, grit, S.M.A.R.T. goals, and finally time management. If balanced properly a student should be able to succeed in their college path.
I am a non-traditional student attending Montana Tech, and I began my college career in the fall semester of 2014. Before I even had a chance to attend college, I had serious doubts in my ability to perform well in school. I was required to take a test to determine my level of education. Even though I did not do well, I found that the college was willing to help me begin my path. I began by taking two or three classes per semester and discovered that I enjoyed learning new material and was excelling in my class work. In the fall of 2015 I decided to become a fulltime student. It was during this semester that I learned the techniques that worked best for me to complete assignments on time while maintaining the rest of my obligations.
Memory is essential to learning course material and passing examinations. First one must acknowledge what type of learning works best for them. Are you a spatial, visual, verbal, or Kinetic learner? For myself it is a combination of visual, verbal, and kinetic learning. I need to hear and see the material presented, and if possible complete the subject by actually completing a task. If one is struggling with remembering a subject, I highly suggest making friends within a course...

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... goal to far out of your reach can make completing that goal much more difficult. Your goals must be relevant and realistic to your situation. If you aim to be the first person to mars, then that goal will not help you to accomplish passing your next semester of college. Finally, the timing of your goals is of utmost importance (Lee).
Time management is essential to bring a balance to a hectic college life. It is important to leave one’s self-enough time to attend class, study, be social, relax, eat, exercise, and to rest. It is with that I conclude I feel I am ready for the rigors of college courses ahead of me. Although not all of this information was new to me. I plan to implement new techniques for staying motivated, positive, and determined to complete my current degree. I will use S.M.A.R.T goals along with time management to keep myself on a path for success.

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