The Hurting People Of The Wuthering Heights Essays

The Hurting People Of The Wuthering Heights Essays

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The Hurting People of the Wuthering Heights
The dark, twisted pathways of Emily Bronte’s the Wuthering Heights lead many of the characters into a chaotic cycle of pain. Some experience a life where sadness meets happiness, and dreams turn into reality. Interestingly, this reality remains uncertain as does the very title “Wuthering” that suggests storms and difficulty. The characters all physically know one another, but mentally, they forget to understand what it means to know someone 's élan vital; the creative force within an individual. Many characters are selfish in undesirable ways and can not seem to fathom the needs of others: to be supportive, caring, and understanding. Therefore, remembering that life goes on, “hurting people hurt people” develops through the characters of Heathcliff, Linton, and Hindley.
“Hurting people hurt people” develops through the character of Heathcliff; the benevolent. Although Heathcliff suffers hurt throughout his childhood when he is an orphan and growing up through his difficult life, Heathcliff is a kind and loving child. Everything seems promising to Heathcliff until the first night of his arrival. On his first night he suffers rejection by his closest affinities and becomes, once again, the outcast. This leads him to depart from the thought of finally being accepted and creates within him a selfish mindset. Heathcliff has to understand feelings in order to know how to let certain ones go; he does not know how to let negative feelings go. Years later, he struggles with identifying with Hindley, so he goes on a self quest for three arduous years to find his inner being. When he returns, it seems as though he conquers the attributes that he misses before he leaves, but then, he resigns from h...

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...heir mindset. If they place their mind where they want their mind to be, they will then have a goal to achieve. They should not to be so pessimistic about their future. As long as they have the right mindset and never give up, they will soon rise to the top; right out of the struggle. Furthermore, patience is a virtue after all; everything doesn 't always happen right away. Everything happens when they have truly obtained all of the knowledge that they need to know; life 's lessons. They should not let their struggle to create such a horrific impact on themselves, that it leads them to lose any hope and make them decide to give up. When just maybe, whatever they wanted and worked so hard for, was just about to happen. Therefore, Heathcliff, Linton, and Hindley have to overcome their hurting past, so they can have a prosperous future where they no longer hurt people.

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