Hurricanes' Effects on Society Essay

Hurricanes' Effects on Society Essay

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Hurricanes' Effects on Society

Hurricanes are one of nature’s most natural occurrences and intense phenomenal storms. Yet, as phenomenal as they are, they are still one of the deadliest and disastrous natural occurrences that continue to plague costal residents with fears of their homes being destroyed, their towns wiped out, and loved ones either disappearing or dying.

Roger A. Pielke Jr. and Roger A. Pielke Sr. in their book Hurricanes: Their Nature and Impacts on Society, state that the hurricane is a member of a phenomena called cyclones, which refers to “any weather system that circulates in a counterclockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and in a clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere” (p.15). The word “hurricane,” originating from the Spanish word huracan, probably came from the Carib and other Indian tribes that once inhibited the Caribbean islands and Central and South America (Tufty p.13). According to Barbara Tufty’s Hurricanes, the Guatemalan Indians called the god of stormy weather Hunrakan, while the Quiche of southern Guatemala spike of Hurakan as their god of thunder and lightning (p.13).

Hurricanes are defined as large, rotating storms with strong blowing winds around the “eye,” or relatively calm center, where winds and rain clouds spiral in large bands (Tufty p.1, 13). According to Nature’s Hurricane Recipe by James C. White II, Hurricanes are rated on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale on a scale from one to five, based on the intensity of the hurricane, with wind speed being the determining factor. A category one hurricane sustains winds of 74 to 95 mph, with the storm surge being about four to five feet, and causing no real damage to building structures. A category two ...

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...l buildings, rural neighborhoods, and crops and livestock.


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