The Hunger Game By Teresa Zsuaffa Essay

The Hunger Game By Teresa Zsuaffa Essay

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In the essay “Spare Change”, the author, Teresa Zsuaffa, illustrates how the wealthy don’t treat people facing poverty with kindness and generosity, but in turn pass demeaning glares and degrading gestures, when not busy avoiding eye contact. She does so by writing an emotional experience, using imagery and personification whenever possible to get to the reader’s heart. Quite similarly, Nick Saul writes, in the essay “The Hunger Game”, about how the wealthy and people of social and political power such as “[the community’s] elected representatives” (Saul, 2013, p. 357) leave the problem of hunger on the shoulders of the foodbanks because they believe “feeding the hungry is already checked off [the government’s] collective to-do list” (Saul, 2013, p. 356). He does this by aiming for the reader’s brain by writing an essay using statistics and analysis, rather than emotions.
In both essays, the authors are talking about the wealthy being inadequate in helping the less fortunate population who are living in poverty, though the authors’ manners of displaying the message is different; Zsuaffa gives this message through a story-like essay of her experience in an underground subway station in Toronto, whereas Saul uses his experience as a CEO and president of Community Foodbanks Centre, and bring statistics and analysis to his aid. Though the central idea of both the essays is to expose the crass treatment the poor receive from the wealthy or the lack of help they provide, the authors’ aims are different; where Zsuaffa aims to share her experience and enlighten people about the ill treatment of the poor, whereas Saul aims to encourage the readers to take initiative and do something about hunger rather than leaving it for the foodbanks.

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...the world hunger, even though they have the means to help.
In conclusion, the differences between the two essays outweigh the rare or single similarity present. The cause of this imbalance is mainly the fact that “Spare Change” is, directly, talking about the crass behavior of the wealthy to the poor in Toronto, whereas in the essay “The Hunger Game”, the author, Nick Saul, writes to encourage people of power, or the rich, such as the elected representative, to contribute more in eliminating world hunger in whole of Canada, since they don’t do much, because they believe “feeding the hungry is already checked off our collective to-do list”(Saul, 2013, p.156). Both essays create awareness and aim to tell others the truth of the wealthy people’s not so generous ways, but the writing techniques used and the manner of delivering the messages were very different.

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