Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Is The Administration And Control Of Employees

Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Is The Administration And Control Of Employees

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is the administration and control of employees. Its purpose is to ensure that the workers and the employer cultivate a valuable relationship. As a result, the company will record an exceptional performance particularly with regard to employee productivity (Paauwe, 2004). Further, the workers will benefit in terms of job satisfaction and self-development (Paauwe, 2004). Some of the activities involved in managing workers include selection and recruitment, training, development, motivation, and appraisal (Sharma, 2009). This paper aims to analyse the role of human resource management in organisations and its linkage to the wider organizational strategy using Tesco and Harrods as illustrations.
Methods and Approaches to Engaging Employees in Decision Making
Engaging workers in decision-making processes is an important part of HRM. This is because it provides the management and staff with an opportunity to collaborate for the advancement of the company and its stakeholders. Further, it gives the management an opportunity to make use of vital information that workers obtain as the actual persons on the ground (Business case studies, 2016c).
One of the ways that companies can involve workers is through consultation processes, whether anonymously or on a one on one basis. For instance, Harrods has been using a comprehensive survey to tap into their employees’ ideas and opinions regarding the firm (Business case studies, 2016c). This has been a beneficial exercise for the company and it continues to administer the survey on a yearly basis (Business case studies, 2016c).
Harrods employs a democratic style leadership where decision-making takes place on a consultative approach (Business case studies, 2016c)...

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...and approaches to employee engagement in decision making involve open-door policies, and consultations. The democratic leadership style of engaging workers in decision-making is crucial in normal day-to-day operations to make employees feel like they belong and that they are valued. However, this leadership style is unsuitable when it comes to emergencies and new workers. Some of the HRM methods with the most impact include intrinsic-based practices, motivation and valuing activities, measuring employee satisfaction and combining best-practice and best-fit methods. There exists a link between HRM and wider organizational strategy. This is mainly in that valuing and training employees turns them into a competitive advantage for the enterprise. The success of Tesco and Harrods is illustrative of the importance of effective HRM in enhancing the performance of a company.

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