Human Beings: Social Creatures Essay

Human Beings: Social Creatures Essay

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Are humans beings estranged in essence by nature or anti-social creatures? We ponder this question many of times wondering if we just thrive in society by nature or we just anti-social individuals. I accept as true that human beings are social creatures and that we prosper within a community because of our nature.
As Tinder uses estrangement to signify every kind of disunity among human beings. In the way Tinder states estrangement it would be that war among nations, conflicts amongst classes, and personal alienation are demonstration of estrangement. Hatred, indifference, and loneness are the exact emotions of estrangement as it is to Tinder. I have to disagree with Tinder’s opinions. I do not believe every person has the emotions and feelings of estrangement like Tinder suggest. I find it difficult to believe that we would come from a creator that would source everything in a state of estrangement.
Of course, it is effortless to find examples of estrangement throughout our lives, but there is a reason for this. As human beings we tend to have a desire to understand the world around us and our place within the world. We tend to gather
in societies which replicate and emphasize our beliefs and values. The problem comes about when we are confronted with facts or situations that force us to question our beliefs. It can be very difficult to modify our belief system and much easier to modify the facts or situations to meet the expectations of our beliefs. We sometimes ignore the issue, to explain it in a different way, or destroy the source of the issue. Religious beliefs and reason are not enough to prevail over estrangement, but they do help to make it easier to be better understood. Reason helps us to learn facts, but th...

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...r knows the feeling of affection due to the lack of not being held, they are more likely to be estranged from the emotions of affection. The infant is not at fault for this, but the blame is aimed towards the way the child was bought up. The reason the child lacks the feeling of affection later on life is because the infant’s parents are deficient in rising the infant. The reason the infant is not like this because of nature, but because the parents did not rise the infant in a customary way. The point I am making here is that we are not estranged in essence, but just brought up in an anti-society way. Leading to the alienation of being a part of something. Even though most would say well that is the nature of the child and the reason it has become alienated, I say that the nature of the parents techniques are not of the normalcy of how a child should be brought up.

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