Essay on How to Make a Map in a Video Game

Essay on How to Make a Map in a Video Game

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Have you ever wanted to make a map in an online game? Well, Feral Heart is the first step for beginners with no extra money. Feral Heart is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG for short, which has two main species, a wolf and a lion, is based off a roleplaying only background. This game is perfect for those who want a nonviolent game as well as a place where they can choose to chat with people around the world without having to focus on a predetermined quest. Due to these factors it has the option of creating a private map for you and your friends’ enjoyment. While the map making process can seem difficult and aggravating, it doesn’t need to be. In fact, in order to make a Feral-Heart map you will only need five things, free time, a computer that can download, the game Feral Heart, an imagination, and some form of a drawing and editing program, Gimp, for example, is a good choice. Once you are sure you have your tools you’ll need to make a height map, a terrain map, and alter it in the game.
First and foremost, after you have gathered the needed programs, you need to open Gimp and open a new png file that is 513x513 for your new height map. Once you complete that you need to then go to the image tab at the top of the program’s screen, scroll down to mode and hover till you can click grayscale. From there you need to choose if you would like to have any rivers, mountains, flatlands, and cliffs, black is the deepest and white is the highest. Once you have chosen what your map looks like it is time to save it, due to the type of file needed you need to go to file and click export, remember to make sure it is a png file or it will not work once you are ready to go into the game and create your map. Save your heig...

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...ap maker, it will automatically save to your exports folder in the Feral Heart folder, which can be found in the same way as the terrains folder prior, however you only have to enter the Feral Heart folder to find the exports folder. You might want to go back and check your work if you would prefer, or you might just keep your map to yourself, but if you want to share it, you can use Media fire which you can log into as long as you have a Facebook. Now once you have completed the map you can enter it on the computer you created it from but you will have to download it to other computers if you have more than one computer. Once you do these steps once, it gets easier to do and your maps can become more complex as you do them, you could even go back to your first map and recreate it later if you have the original map files.

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