How Technology Can Use A Protective Software Installed And The State Of The Seneca Properties?

How Technology Can Use A Protective Software Installed And The State Of The Seneca Properties?

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Any computing device (Included but not limited to: Computers, Laptops, Tablets, PDA, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and other similar devices) that can be used to connect to Seneca network through Internet or Seneca’s local network, or interact with Seneca network or other Seneca’s community members in any form (Emails, files transfer, Sending Messages, any form of storage like Hard Disk, USB Devices, DVD, CD, etc. ), whether to be used inside or outside of the Seneca properties or campuses or in only in Students home or workplace, is subject to this policy.
Any situation, time limitation or dead-line (for example doing your homework, project, assignment, sending files to your instructor, emails, practices, etc.) would not overwrite this policy or accept as justification to ignore this policy.
All students must ensure that every computing device they use follow the following requirement.
• Protective Software: All Computing Devices require to have a protective software installed and is updated regularly. Use of Anti Viruses, Anti Malware, and Firewall (on any device possible) is required and mandatory for all personal computers.
• Password Protection: All Computing Devices require password protection to login to devices
• Log out and Automatic Login: Automatic Login has to be disabled, and automatic log out with password protection and or password enable screen-saver must be enable and activated to log-out the user or lock the computer or device after a period of inactivity ( suggestion is 5 to 10 minutes maximum) which followed by password requirement to unlock the device
• Strong Password Rule: Following password rules has to be in use with any computer or devices (if it not possible due to device firmware or operation system “An...

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...fected device. If you become aware of such an event took place, you have to report to first available Seneca’s network supervisor and any person that may affected directly by such an event, like your classmates or professors who received an email or files during the time your computer were infected.
• Negligent and Carelessness: Do not leave your computing devices unattended in any place unless you are sure it is secure, and you are logged-out or lock your devices. This has included your friend’s house, work place, library, classrooms and any other supervised or unsupervised place. Do not let other people like your friends or guest use your computers and account for their personal use, but if you have to do it, have a guest account and supervise the person activity. Remember you are the person responsible and held accountable as well for negligent and ignoring policy

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