How Smart And Improve Our Technology Capabilities Essay

How Smart And Improve Our Technology Capabilities Essay

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As long as we continue to expand our technology capabilities we will also be required to expand upon or abilities to safeguard and maintain proper access control. This means increasing the number of security protocols and policies while decreasing the number of people granted access to any given system or set of data. However, in order to do so we must utilize various tools to assist in maintaining this integrity. One of these tools that has only to grow in popularity over the past several years are smart cards.

Smart cards come in various shapes and sizes and are built from several different types of materials. These are determined with the life and functionality of the card in mind as well as the category of the card and they in which it communicates with the reader. There are three main categories of smart cards; contact cards, contactless cards, and multi-component cards. ("Types of Smart Cards," 2016)

Contact cards utilize electrical contacts located on the surface of the card in order to establish a connection with a card reader. Contact cards can also come equipped with many different components that can provide increased processing power, flexibility and memory. However, these options increase the overall cost of the card which means it is important to evaluate the level of security and functionality prior to investing in these cards. ("Types of Smart Cards," 2016)

Among the various types of contact cards are memory cards. These cards have read and write capabilities in order to change the address associated with the card, but do not contain any processing power in regards to data management. There are three types of memory cards; straight, protected, and stored value. All of which are all capable of communicat...

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...e chips and can range in functionality from telecommunications to online banking. ("Types of Smart Cards," 2016)

Now that the various types of smart cards have been briefly noted, there is one important question remains; which one is better suited in terms of security applications? The answer to that, which has been shown through an increasing demand by many government organizations, are microprocessor-based smart cards. These cards have the ability to organize data so that access can be granted subjectively. Not to mention, the cryptologic functionality of these cards increases the security of the user data stored within the card. However, microprocessor-based smart cards may be a better option in terms of secure access tool for government agencies they may not be the best option for other companies with lower security requirements. ("Types of Smart Cards," 2016)

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