Essay about How Gender Roles Affect The Men And Women Are Treated On A Daily Basis?

Essay about How Gender Roles Affect The Men And Women Are Treated On A Daily Basis?

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Society defines gender roles where men are at the same disadvantage as women. Our society contemplates that gender roles affect how men and women are treated on a daily basis. Women are primarily the ones who are concerned about this and fear that men are treated as the better fragment but are they really? They are fighting to equate females to the same status as men, which are known to be called Feminist. These Feminists believe in the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. They believe that men and women are on a different scale presently, but Paul Theroux begs to differ. Paul Theroux describes masculinity as “a little like having to wear an ill-fitting coat for one’s entire life.” Men are suffering from the idea that they have to prove their masculinity for the rest of their life, it is how society was built and how things always were. If something like the idea of masculinity occurs constantly, then it will seem perfectly normal. No one would question it and will simply move on with their lives.
Men are portrayed to be viewed as superior to women where in contrast, women are viewed to be more submissive to men. “The youth who is subverted, as most are, into believing in the masculine ideal is effectively separated from women and he spends the rest of his life, finding women a riddle and a nuisance.” Theroux argues that society separate children from a young age and fill their heads with the idea of an alternate reality that society believes to be proper and precise. Boys are forced to act on the idea of masculinity which is believed to be the possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men. They are just told to go along with things because that how it has been for generations a...

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... done the deed has been done and the roles have been set. Women do not realize that men life isn’t an easy one to live. It is lot harder for men than women. Like men women have multiple paths to peruse as a homemaker a career, a mother and a wife. Men have had only one the same as it has always been which is to protect and provide in order to prove their masculinity. Women take on the more effortless and less threatening roles and leave men to work the treacherous jobs. The roles of men is always to be dominant in everything. It is proven that men are the stronger and smarter sex that can be proven scientifically based on research. But men have very little benefits as they only reap the bread crumbs of the heavy burden that society but over their shoulders.
To conclude, men are at the same disadvantage maybe even more than women base on how out society is set up.

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