How Communication Has Improved The Distribution Of Supplies Essay

How Communication Has Improved The Distribution Of Supplies Essay

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Several disasters in our Nation’s history have highlighted the importance of communication. The attacks on September 11, 2001 highlighted our lack of interagency communications. Hurricane Sandy, highlighted how communication would have improved the distribution of supplies. In both cases, we noticed a need for improvement on current systems and a creation of a network to use during a disaster. Here we will discuss incidents that highlighted improvements needed on systems and procedures, the evolution of communications and the importance of an effective system.
Incidents that highlighted problems.- On the morning of September 11, 2001 two airplanes consecutively struck New York city’s World Trade Center buildings, one at 8:46am and the second one at 9:03am (9/11 Memorial, 2015). The acts took many by surprise including first responders. It was not initially clear if the act was an accident or an act of terror.
Prior and during the attacks, initial communication about the hijacking came from the crew and passengers onboard via air phones (9/11 Memorial, 2015). Communications were initially sent to their family members, on the ground, who then relayed the information to authorities (9/11 Memorial, 2011). There was no direct communication paths between authorities and the aircraft’s main cabin.
Meanwhile on the ground a first aircraft strike hit the World Trade Center’s north tower (9/11Memorial, 2015). The New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department were the first to respond (9/11 Memorial, 2015). The evacuation of the north tower began while the south tower was advised to remain in place (9/11 Memorial, 2015). Minutes later, ground authorities were informed of a potential second strike and consequently the south tow...

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...ications of first aid and escape routes.
Importance of an effective system.- Communication during a disaster is important for several reasons. As we have seen it helps in warning people of potential harm and as a result can minimize casualties. In addition, it can perform as an effective tool in distributing resources. Furtheremore, it can provide the basic interaction between families and their loved ones. Prior, during and after a disaster communication is vital because it allows an emergency system to run effectively. Without communication lives can be lost, resources can go unused or unrequested and recovery is impossible. Knowing this, an effective system is necessary on all levels, between agencies and between communities. With advancements in technology and a new culture of sharing we ca use these systems to improve emergency management and reduce casualties.

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