Essay about How Chritianity Affected People in India

Essay about How Chritianity Affected People in India

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How did Christianity affect the people of India?
Religions have been around for many thousands of years. Catholicism is one of the largest religions in the world. India is a country in Asia, and is a little bigger than Texas, but has over 2 billion people. A 2001 survey showed there to a little over “24 million Christians” in India (Christianity). This topic was appealing to me because I had lived in a boarding school in India from fourth grade to sixth grade. I had seen the effects of this religion on the people and how they reacted towards change. I had seen how people adapted to the religion and how people put down the religion turning to other religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. I can relate to these people because when I lived there, I learned their culture. I can understand many things they do and why they do it. Many Indian people have certain ways they have to do things, such as only using your right hand when you eat, and bathing after an eclipse. I can relate to this because I grew up in a culture that promotes racial equality. This racial equality allowed me to see the difference between Catholics and Hindus in India. There is a major difference between these two religions, such as Christianity is monotheistic and Hinduism is polytheistic. These differences set these two religions against each other because one religion contradicts the other and vice versa. This tension in between these religions creates for great confusion among the people of India. Many of the Indian people of the time had converted, yet the majority of the population was still ignoring it. The real problem was the fact that many Indian families are strongly tied to their religion and their ancestors have passed on stories of gods t...

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...y 2012
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