Essay Horse Riding Lessons

Essay Horse Riding Lessons

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Neil couldn't wait to tell his friend Gabe about the new excitement in his life. So after Devin left, and his mother inquired about how he felt with this new arrangement, he called his buddy and they met in Riverside Park for a little catch at “Our Zone.” Gabe and Neil had chosen a spot where they always met to play catch. There was very little throwing and catching that afternoon. Neil was too excited about the change in his life, but Gabe quietly apprehensive, saw Devin as a possible intruder.
Gabe, like his pal, had hair neglect problems. Gabe had rust colored hair with untamed curls. He had grey eyes that always smiled, no matter what direction his lips turned. Some commented that his eyes were independently enjoying themselves. He was a couple of inches taller than his friend and was three months, seven days older. Their mother’s were in agreement that they both had the same rebellious hair and neatness shortcomings.
“How old is he?” Gabe asked.
“How do I know, I didn't think about that . . . and I didn't ask him.”
“Is he a teenager?”
“That’s stupid,” he said, throwing a wild ball on purpose, which Gabe missed of course, making him run after it. “He's my teacher, he's maybe about our mother’s age,” and after reconsidering, “a little bit younger, but older than us.”
“He's still in school though.”
“He's becoming a doctor.”
“A veterinarian . . . an animal Doctor?” Gabe asked with a raised interest.
“Why am I not surprised you'd say that,” knowing Gabe's attraction to the animal kingdom. “Not a dog doctor . . . not a medical one either, a doctor of Pshycolog . . . no . . . Sociology or . . . and Education . . . I think.”
They stopped playing, so he jumped on to the nearby black iron pipe fence, hitting his feet toge...

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... pool tables, basketball courts and two bowling alleys, and there were plenty of things to do regardless of the weather. Esther showed her abilities with the tennis racket and would get into some sort of organized tournament. She won a prize three summers in a row. She taught Neil the game and he loved it. Both of them were always being beckoned to the clay courts for a game. It was the same with horseback riding. When she mounted the horse, she was in charge. “She looks like Joan of Arc,” Neil thought. She would put the stallion through a variety of turns and prances. There were no places to see if the horse could negotiate a post jump or a water hazard, but it was certain that if necessary, she could get the horse to do that too. They stayed on a passive trail that became tiresome after a week or two. Neil didn't take to horses or them to him, though he did try.

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