Essay about The Horror Of The Zombie Subgenre

Essay about The Horror Of The Zombie Subgenre

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The zombie subgenre, unlike many other branches of the horror movie genre, adapts completely to fit the audience of its time. For instance, in the slasher subgenre, both the killers and the victims have shared common characteristics since the very first film. On the other hand, the torture porn subgenre of horror changes, but does not adapt to the audience. Although new concepts are fashioned, there is not a correlation to the fears of the audience. Specifically in the zombie subgenre, particularly when examining the origin of zombies, it is clear that directors and film writers adapt to fit both the desires and the fears of their audiences.
Shortly after the first zombie movie was released, there was a zombie craze, during which a plethora of films pertaining to this subgenre were created. Due to the Haitian origin of zombies, the earlier films focus much more on voodoo and Wiccan beliefs than modern day films do. The very first zombie movie, called White Zombie was released in 1932. This films starred “Béla Lugosi as an evil voodoo priest in Haiti who zombifies a beautiful young woman” (Radford). After the release of this film:
Zombie and voodoo movies spread, with titles like King of the Zombies, Revolt of the Zombies and Revenge of the Zombies being released annually. Several, like Zombies on Broadway and The Ghost Breakers, treated the topic lightheartedly, while others, like I Walked With a Zombie, were highly dramatic. (Harris)
The first wave of zombie films that were released focused heavily on the voodoo origin of zombies. However, the origin was not the only aspect of these films that differ greatly from their modern day counterparts.
The original zombie films differ greatly from the gore-filled and pet...

... middle of paper ...

...r production, which lead to a massive growth in the zombie fan base.
Unlike many concepts that are present in horror films, zombies are something that people should be afraid of. There are numerous instances in which individuals have been placed in “zombie” trances. This particular subgenre is exceptionally interesting because it represents much larger concepts, such as terrorism and dictating governments. Filmmakers and directors of this subgenre have kept, and strongly increased the attention of their audiences by adapting the origin and the characteristics of zombies throughout the years. This growth of popularity has allowed the subgenre of films to grow into many different forms of media, such as video games and television shows. Zombies are indisputably the best subgenre of horror, and their constant growth and dispersion throughout the media proves this.

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