Hope and Desolation in Biographies by Frank Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges Essays

Hope and Desolation in Biographies by Frank Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges Essays

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Regarding these two stories of hope and desolation, it is very importent to throw the biography of their creators which are no less popular as their books. Combining the events of both Borges' and Kafka's life in the post world war I era, the stories provide a grim picture of the world but there lies an element of hope that is gradually realized in the end. Characters in Kafka’s story go through life changing events which alter their whole outlook in the system that governs them, some moved, some very hopeful. The protagonist in Borges’ story has a profound experience with a mythical object that changes his outlook on life.
In August 1944, visiting Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo Borges met Estela Canto, who fell in love. Estela was inspired by him to write the story “the Aleph”, which is considered one of Borges' best works. Despite resistance from his mother, Borges offered to marry Estela, but this never happened. In 1952, their relationship ended.
Kafka since his early youth had difficulty sleeping. In his diaries contains an infinite number of records on the agony caused by sleeplessness. However, it is known that he never seriously struggled with insomnia, despite its destructiveness. In one of those nights Kafka devised writing his famous short story "In the Penal Colony". Kafka once said that insomnia probably is nothing like the fear of death. He felt not only satisfaction with the work done, but an approximation of emptiness, because creativity had helped him to live, kept him from decay.
Kafka’s In the Penal Colony is a story about the use of torture tools which cause death sentences into effect, within 12 hours of torment and the convicted, in the end dies. Lets regard the roots of this subject and its idea of hope....

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... hope, its meaning, we should say that Kafka and Borges use similar techniques, litmus paper. They go beyond the ordinary, their characters look much wider, they do not have fear, but only have faith in the future, victory over ignorance, whether it is the imperfections of the human soul, or the flaw of the political system.
Kafka’s story begins on a note of despair and just when it looks like the convict will not live to see another day, a turn of events suggest he might. When the traveller thinks there is nothing he could do to change the system, he sparks the plug that might make the change happen. Borges on the other hand expeciences life through the Aleph which leads him to believe that there is still hope in the world, hope that there are greater things to come and greater things to live for instead of being bogged down by everyday events.

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