Homeland Security Chapter 9-10 Essay

Homeland Security Chapter 9-10 Essay

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Chapter 9 is committed to the study of homelands security’s attempts and successes at border patrol. Beginning with the U.S customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol office has like many other agencies, merged with the DHS following 9/11. The reason is because the Border Patrol is now after 9/11 been concerned with the prevention of terrorist’s entry. The Border Patrol also merged with customs, which has a long history with border patrol. The CBP has been charged with guarding 7000 miles of U.S Land border. The Border patrol has been very concerned with the apprehension of terrorist following 9/11, and the border is more tightly guarded than it’s ever been. The texted then outlines the fiscal year 2010 Statistical Highlights of the Border Patrol, and their efforts are impressive and varying. The CBP has achieved a valuable blend of focusing their efforts on the border, and the capturing of terrorists. The National Targeting Center is the coordination point for all of the CBPs terrorist prevention efforts. The Secure Border Initiative is a multiyear plan for securing Americas border, and Reducing illegal aliens. The SBI was ambitious in its efforts, but has helped in many ways. New technology has greatly aided the CBP efforts in border protection, Canines have helped in the drug interdiction, and more patrol officers have been hired. The SIBnet program gathers the best of what each agency has to offer, and integrates technology. The CBP developed the Air and Marine (A&M) Program, this program is dedicated to helping the CBS in general, and provide disaster relief. The CBP controls the oversight of the American trade into the American economy. The texted then outlines what kind of trade the CBP has oversight ...

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... must think of itself first. I know that many steps have already been taken in the protection of the border, and that technology is making headway in better protection. With advances in technology, the next step should be manpower. It seems that even though the DHS has put a higher emphasis on the border, many immigrants are still getting through. While many are just seeking a better life, some could be terrorist seeking entry into America. Because of this, I believe the borders do need a rising of security. The sad fact is that even though the border patrol may raise security, terrorist can still find entry into America. Though citizenship terrorists can sneak by without being noticed, and later cause damage. Still America needs to raise its border patrol with more security, because any damage and terrorism stopped, is still worth every penny put into it.

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