Home Care Nursing Programs, Education, And Public Health Departments Essay

Home Care Nursing Programs, Education, And Public Health Departments Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss community facilities, home care nursing programs, education, and public health departments, as well as access to these resources. This paper will show how families benefit from these resources and three ways in which a family health nurse can be useful in community resources.
Nurse Home Visiting Programs
Home care nursing programs are offered through the hospital after discharge for an acute issue or for ongoing treatment. The home care nurse will assess the living situation, and identify their needs to development a plan of care, including community resources (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, & Hanson, 2015). A common home care visit would be after having a baby, in Ohio we have "Help Me Grow". The home care nurse will assess the mother 's blood pressure and any pain issues. They will also help with breastfeeding assistance and can refer the mother to local groups that meet regularly for counseling. In my health system we have eastside and westside groups that meet once a month to discuss breastfeeding issues or concerns. This has been very beneficial for our mothers who struggle with breast feeding. They have expressed their increased confidence since attending the group.
Community Nursing Centers
Community nursing is another way for the family health care nurse to reach people in the community in need of health education. We have a program called "Centering" that was created to bring pregnant mothers together for one appointment to educate more mothers at one time. They feel a sense of togetherness in these sessions, and talk to each other about personal issues, which helps them to realize they are not alone in this pregnancy. This program has been a great success, with in...

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...ty clinic we refer patients to for health assessment and intervention. A final tool used by the family health nurse is assessment. In our practice, we assess every patient 's social and financial situation for any possible resources we can provide. A common referral we utilize is the case worker and the financial counselor. Both of those services are offered right in our office. They can help work through any financial problems that may be an issue of providing care.
In conclusion, the family health nurse has an important role in community care. As we see patients, we can evaluate their health and other factors affecting their health. After evaluation, we can focus on any weakness and refer patients to the above mentioned resources for additional help. The support family health nurses provide is also a valuable intervention for families in need.

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