Holistic Urban Initiatives: Curitiba, Brazil Essay

Holistic Urban Initiatives: Curitiba, Brazil Essay

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Curitiba is globally recognized for its innovative urban strategies that have allowed the city to grow in a controlled and socially equitable manner. The unique political culture that drove the sweeping changes in Curitiba can be best described as a benevolent authoritarian regime. An authoritarian style of governance is not typically associated with comprehensive and inclusive urban planning, however the cast of characters that set the stage for comprehensive development worked as a collective group, compromised of likeminded individuals that set goals based on the expressed needs of the population as the primary driving force behind policy decisions. The implementation of initiatives was done in an ad-hoc fashion that allowed for flexibility in planning strategies to be adjusted as the needs of the population changed. Certain elements of the implemented strategies during the 1970s have been transposed to cities in Latin America, Europe and America. The Curitiba of today is seen as one of the most successful planning initiatives in the world.

Context: Physical & Political
The city of Curitiba is located in the south of Brazil and was founded by the Portuguese in 1693 and named Nossa Senhora da Luz e Bom Jesus dos Pinhais, Our lady of the light of the Pines. The name of the city was later changed the to Core Etuba, meaning much pine, which is how the indigenous population of the region, the Tupi people, described the region, this is still true today. By 1921 cattle herders and an overall agrarian society would establish the settlement patterns of the region . As the region began to flourish, the founding leaders of the region began to establish environmental conservation regulations, which were created to protected...

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