The Hobbit and The Last Olympian Essay

The Hobbit and The Last Olympian Essay

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The novels, The Hobbit and The Last Olympian obviously have many similarities and differences. The novels have many of the same characters, but also have different plots. In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins ends up going on an adventure that changes his life. He had never done anything exciting before that day, but he decided to go with the dwarves. He then battled things he didn’t even know existed like trolls. The climax of the story was when the dwarves, giant eagles, and elves defeated the goblins and wargs. This adventure changed Bilbo because he would never look at life the same way. In The Last Olympian Percy Jackson is left to fight the evil Titan’s army while the Greek Gods are away fighting a huge monster that’s bigger than the Empire State Building. Percy and his fellow half-bloods (half god half human) had been preparing for this day for quite a while because they knew that this would eventually happen and not be an easy war to win. The half-bloods encountered a serious problem throughout the novel. During the climax of the novel, the Titan’s army was a few feet away from the Empire State Building (where Olympus was). The half-bloods were nearly out of energy when the centaurs came to save the day. They held them off and the next day the half-bloods were able to defeat the army. Percy and his friends defeated the Titan’s army together, which is one of the themes; friendship. Novels have differences like the plot and reasons of fighting and similarities to one another like the theme of friendship, and The Hobbit and That Last Olympian are no different.
The Hobbit and The Last Olympian resemble each other in many ways. In The Hobbit Bilbo needs his friends to help him complete his adventure. Without them he would never be able...

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... in front of her and telling Kronos to back off. An example in The Hobbit is when Bilbo states that he will not abandon his friends. Without this statement the dwarves would never know if they could ever really trust him. The differences throughout the novels are when Bilbo goes on an adventure completely unbeknownst to him while Percy had planned for months about what he was going to do to win the war. The novels resemble each other in some ways, but also differ from each other which makes a great balance. The Hobbit and The Last Olympian are two similar yet different pieces of literature that bring the best out of both of them when they are read together.

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