The History of the Salem Witch Trial in 1692 Essay

The History of the Salem Witch Trial in 1692 Essay

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There was a point in our history when people believed in witches. If you were accused as a witch, you would be tried, most of the time found guilty, and hanged. These events happened in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. During the Salem witch trials in 1692, more women were accused than men. At the same time, women were also accusers. Many things could have caused women to be accused and accusers. These included, the stories Tituba told, the effects of Ergot Poisoning, Hysteria and the hunger for Power. During this time, the young girls (Elizabeth Parris, and Abigail Williams) started having fits. This was after Tituba told stories about demons and witches to them. These fits were similar to the fits one would have gotten if poisoned with Ergot. The girl’s fits probably sent out hysteria across Salem. Since the girls were bewitched, they had more power than the average women in Salem. As a result, many things could have caused women to be accused and accusers than men in Salem.
Reverend Parris bought a slave from the Caribbean’s named Tituba. Since Tituba wasn’t from Salem, she practiced her own religion. After the girls (Elizabeth and Abigail) would finish with there daily chores, they would become bored. Tituba started to share stories about demons, and witches. She would spend would spend late nights with them, sharing her stories. Later other girls joined Elizabeth, and Abigail to listen to her stories. These young girls were not used to hearing such scary and interesting fables. After these late night sessions with Tituba the girls started to have weird fits. These fits were probably caused by the fear the girls gained while listening to her stories. Reverend Parris saw his daughter and niece having weird fits. He called in th...

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...ny innocent people were killed during the Salem witch trials. 140 people were accused, 19 people were hanged, 1 person was pressed to death, and 13 people died in prison. The Salem witch trials were a perfect example of how easily people can be persuaded to think that witches afflicted them. Women started all this hysteria in Salem. It was Tituba’s stories that scared Elizabeth and Abigail. These girls later were diagnosed bewitched.
Women had very little power in Salem. Women were expected to do their daily chores, take care of the children, and cook. After Elizabeth, and Abigail started to have there weird fits, they probably saw an opportunity to gain more power. This was probably one of the reasons why they started accusing people of witchcraft. Abigail saw the attention her cousin was getting from accusing Tituba, so she herself started to accuse people to.

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