The History of Death Penalty in The State of Georgia Essay

The History of Death Penalty in The State of Georgia Essay

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Introduction: Georgia is one of the thirty – five states that allow the death penalty. Since 1735 Georgia continues the death penalty. The most famous trails of the death penalty have originated in Georgia. Today in more modern times we have changed our methods tremendously. I will elaborate more about the death penalty in Georgia and a famous inmate and their background information.
Topic I. Georgia Institutions and practices of the death penalty.
A. History of the death penalty in Georgia.
B. Statistical information on the death penalty in Georgia.
C. Reason for putting a person on death row in Georgia.
Topic II. Georgia’s process for putting someone on death row.
A. The sentence process for a Georgia death row inmate.
B. The mental and physical conditions of the death row inmate.
C. Length of execution date for in an inmate.
Topic III. Warren Hill on death row in Georgia.
A. His demographic information and life before his sentence.
B. Criminal charge and sentence date
C. His current status execution or turnover date.
Topic I. Georgia Institutions and practices of the death penalty.
A. History of the death penalty in Georgia
Georgia started their capital punishment in 1735.(DPIC) The first person to be executed in Georgia was” Alice Ryley”. She killed her master “Will Wise.” In Georgia the first method of execution was hanging. Fortunately, the last hangings occurred in 1925 would have been to public which would be impermissible in the courts. So they transferred them to Columbus, Georgia. Here in Columbus they could legally execute them. By 1924 Georgia terminated the idea of hanging instead they performed electrocutions. Additionally, this was the same year they installed the “electric chair “in Georgia Sta...

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