The High Price Of A College Education Essays

The High Price Of A College Education Essays

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College tuition is very expensive and many people are unable to attend due to the overall cost of tuition, books, room and board. The high price of a college education is unfair to the bright students who have limited resources. These students are at a disadvantage because of lack of funds. The United States should find a way to provide free tuition to all students who want an education.
In our lives today, not everyone can financially afford to attend a four year university or college, but yet people still attend because they have academic goals. Currently there is help with grants, merit scholarships and loans available for some. However many students do not realize they will eventually be left to pay the majority of the money back. Students who want an education should get it, a country such as the United States should provide students with financial aid.
Some people think that getting a college education is not really a good idea anymore. According to Abel and Deitz, “In recent years, students have been paying more to attend college and earning less upon graduation—trends that have led many observers to question whether a college education remains a good investment” (2014, p. 1). If the student cannot find a job that pays a decent amount of money, after graduation why should the government ‘fund it?. College costs are rising each year. Future generations may not be able to go to college because tuition will be too high. But Abel and Deitz explain the reasoning behind it, “The return has remained high in spite of rising tuition and falling earnings because the wages of those without a college degree have also been falling, keeping the college wage premium near an all-time high while reducing the opportunity cost of going to ...

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...inancial aid must be accountable to the government. Monitoring of students who receive government assistance is a must. If they do not attend classes regularly or fail to meet academic requirements, financial aid should cease. Government oversight is essential so funds are not squandered. On the other hand, conscientious students who graduate from colleges or universities with passing grades should not be expected to repay the government for all the loans they received while attending college. This is a burden and hardship for graduates who often cannot meet the demands of repayment. Government funding for conscientious students who earned a degree should be considered a gift for their hard work and therefore not be required to be repaid. Educated young people are an asset to their country and need to receive praise and congratulations tuition bills and loans.

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